We manage all stages of the PRODUCTION CYCLE


We are able to provide Customers with three different types of services:


It provides for the production and delivery of only the bulk of finished product, which can then be packaged directly by the Customer. Our professionalism also stands out in bulk delivery only, providing the Customer with all the necessary support for the next steps.

Bulk + packaging

In this case we provide a filling and packaging service in relation to a packaging provided by the Client. Where required, we are always ready to give our advice on the most suitable materials and packaging for the selected formulas.

Full service

In this mode we provide a complete service that includes all stages; from research and purchase of individual components to production and packaging. Thanks to collaboration with excellent suppliers, we are always at the forefront relative to packaging proposals for even the most demanding Customer.

Which type best suits your needs?


We remain available and collaborate on all aspects related to the launch and evolution of the new product in the market.
The in-house graphics department is able to respond efficiently to customer needs.


Upon request, we are also able to provide customized training in relation to the products to be launched.
Education, moreover, creates between CTL and Clients an enriching exchange - of ideas, questions, opinions and answers - which represents one of our most important values, namely the collaboration of all parties toward a common goal: success.